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MemberHub combines all the tools your school needs
for effective communication into
one central location.

Because strong teacher-parent communication leads to engaged parents,
which is proven to promote higher student achievement.

A centralized system streamlines all school communications with less software and everyone in the school uses the same tool, year after year. MemberHub even integrates with your school website!

Mobile access and the ability to text the whole school community ensure you always have access to the most current info. Incredibly helpful on a daily basis but absolutely essential in the event of a crisis.

Everyone feels more connected to the entire school community which helps build parent engagement – good for teachers, good for parents and good for kids!

Teachers appreciate the time they save when using MemberHub – as much as 2 hours a week, in some cases.

MemberHub is a green communications solution – no more paper notices crumpled in the bottom of kids’ backpacks every day or expensive, outdated print directories!

Many MemberHub schools describe that using our platform saves actually saves them money and helps boost enrollments.

We know you’ll love MemberHub. But don’t take our word for it…

Here are some unedited comments from parents and teachers who love, and use, MemberHub every day.

Good Morning Matt,

At our last Board of Director’s Meeting I shared access with our Board to our Member Hub account so that they could also stay informed about what’s going on at the program. Of course they loved it, and one of our Board Members shared it with her colleagues who are authorities on the use of technology with young children and the appropriate use of technology at early learning programs. They added Member Hub to their resource list to share with students and participants of classes and workshops that they teach.

I’ll continue to share this information with people in our professional community. It’s really helped make it so much easier to keep our families informed and engaged.

I just thought you would like to hear some positive feedback.

Betty Lisowski, Executive Director at Riverview Children’s Center
I feel connected to what’s happening at Underwood without being inundated with lots of separate emails.
I use it as a class website. My parents love it and we communicate with it. I do class signups and announcements.
Homeroom Teacher
I use it for checking the teacher’s messages, signing up for volunteer & classroom needs, getting in touch with other parents, downloading homework & newsletter, calendar.
Room Parent

Visit our Customers page for even more testimonials and videos from current users.

MemberHub iPhone App

Yes, we have an app for that.

Spend more time with your children, not your phone. Our iPhone app lets you easily communicate on the go.

  • Access your school Directory
  • Send emails and text messages directly to people in the Directory
  • View large profile image of people in the Directory
  • Access your school, classroom, and committee Hubs
  • Send group emails and text messages
  • Add and edit calendar events
  • View uploaded Files
  • View hub Home Pages
  • View hub Members and send them emails and text messages
  • Edit Your Profile to update your phone numbers, addresses and upload a personal profile picture


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