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MemberHub combines all the tools your school needs
for effective communication into
one central location.


Strong teacher-parent communication leads to
engaged parents in the school and at home.

And parent engagement is proven to promote
higher student achievement.

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Consolidate School Tools

A centralized system streamlines all school communications with less software and everyone in the school uses the same tool, year after year. MemberHub even integrates with your school website!

Extend School Communications

Mobile access and the ability to text the whole school community ensure you always have access to the most current info. Incredibly helpful on a daily basis but absolutely essential in the event of a crisis.

Increase Parent Engagement

Give parents leadership roles and provide multiple ways for them to volunteer. Then watch parents become engaged with the teachers, staff and ultimately in the home with their students, where it really matters!

Reduce Paper & Printing Costs

MemberHub is a green communications solution – no more expensive, outdated print directories or paper notices crumpled in the bottom of kids’ backpacks every day!

Help Teachers Do Their Job

Teachers already have so much on their plate. MemberHub empowers parents to engage and support teachers which gives them more time to actually teach.

Get Ideas & Support from Humans

One of the best things about MemberHub isn’t software. It’s people. We’ll get to know each other and our support goes beyond just setting up our system.

MemberHub iPhone App

All School Communications, Right in Your Pocket.

Our iPhone app lets teachers and parents easily communicate whether in the classroom, at home, or on the go.

  • Access your school directory
  • Send emails and text messages
  • Upload and view photos
  • Access school-wide and classroom calendars
  • View uploaded files
  • Edit your profile
  • Access school, classroom, and committee groups


We know you’ll love MemberHub. But don’t take our word for it…

Here are some unedited comments from parents and teachers who love, and use, MemberHub every day.

My fifth grade team LOVES it! This has been such a helpful tool and a way to communicate with many parents all at once! Parents have been communicating with us and it helps us reach out quickly when needed.
Sara Johnson, MSA, 5th Grade Teacher at Lacy Elementary
I feel connected to what’s happening at Underwood without being inundated with lots of separate emails.
I use it as a class website. My parents love it and we communicate with it. I do class signups and announcements.
Homeroom Teacher
I use it for checking the teacher’s messages, signing up for volunteer & classroom needs, getting in touch with other parents, downloading homework & newsletter, calendar.
Room Parent

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