The MemberHub Story

Anne Elizabeth and Matt Harrell are active volunteers in their children’s school and they recognized the need for an easy way to manage school communications (PTA, directory, calendars, signups, photos, email, etc). They were getting tired of receiving dozens of emails, signups and notifications from so many different tools. There had to be a better way to keep it all organized.

Harrell Family

The couple’s passion for helping schools communicate better and increase parent engagement is the driving force behind the company.

In addition to serving as President of MemberHub, Matt is the Technology Chair of the Board of Directors of the J.Y. Joyner Elementary PTA (a proud MemberHub school). Matt earned his B.A. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University in 2000.

MemberHub was built by Matt and his father, Loren Harrell. They brought their skills together to ensure that MemberHub was user-friendly, effective, and community-focused, with a great customer support network behind it.

Loren Harrell & Matt Harrell


Our Commitments

We’ve seen it many times. Those schools with active and engaged parents have amazing community. The teachers are happier and the students benefit from the positive atmosphere. Therefore, we are committed to helping schools:

  1. Increase parent engagement and involvement.
  2. Establish and implement an effective school communications plan.
  3. Provide opportunities for businesses to support local schools.
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