3 Tips To Get People to Reply to Your Emails

Do Not Open This EmailMore and more people are simply ignoring email all together these days. Considering we all use email (and email is not dead) that can be a pretty big problem. Yet we still send a ton of email and we need folks to reply. Anyone that’s managed a mass email campaign can attest to the fact that the biggest challenge is getting folks to just open the darn email. It’s all about the Subject, right! Yes.

Of course there is no shortage of advice out there on how to get your marketing emails opened but what about personal emails? You know, the ones from your personal email address to a colleague, family member or friend. Well here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years on using the Subject field to make sure you get a reply or at least their attention.

Use the Persons Name in the Subject

This is a great attention grabber. The first time I saw this used on me I realized how valuable it was. It immediately caught my attention and now I use it all of the time. Include the recipient’s name and what you want them to do and you’ll get results. For example:

Subject 2

Subject 3

Acknowledge That They are Busy in the Subject

This is a good one to use when you’ve tried to reach someone by email before and have yet to get a response. We all prioritize our email and we often simply ignore emails that aren’t urgent or important at that time. It’s not that we don’t want to reply, it’s just that we’re busy. So if you’ve sent one or two emails already and not had a reply, then shoot them an email with the following subject and I bet you’ll get a reply!

Use a 1-word Subject

Perhaps nothing is more catchy than a 1-word subject in an email. It always grabs my attention and I am sure to open it. I am on one particular email list and every email they send has a 1-word subject. It may be time sensitive or just a catchy word. Here’s a few examples of words that they’ve used in their 1-word subject:

worst, heard, #1, mission, 2012, but, invite

and my personal favorite: