5 Reasons to Use Online Discussions


The main thread (no pun intended) that holds together many online groups is some form of a discussions feature. Groups need a dedicated space for their members to participate in online private discussion threads. But, I’ve had people ask me before why a group needs to use the Discussions feature in MemberHub. “Why not just use your regular email?”, they ask. Here are 5 points to consider:

1. Not Everyone has Everyone’s Email Address

How many times have you ever wanted to email a group of folks, but soon realize you don’t have everyone’s email address? So what do you do? You go digging through your inbox looking for the last email that someone sent out to everyone in the list, so that you can reply. If your new message has a different subject, you tweak the subject in the new new mail message and then delete all the text from the thread.  Does this sound familiar? Heck, sometimes you want to email everyone in a group and you can’t remember someone’s name. That’s never happened to me…   If all the members are grouped together in a hub, all you have to do is remember ONE email address. Every Hub in MemberHub has a private, email address and whenever a member needs to reach the group, all they have to do is send an email to the Hub to reach everyone in the hub!

2. You Can’t Change History

Do you keep emails around, in you inbox for a long time because they are important for one reason or another? I am bad about this. I’ll leave a message in my inbox because I need to come back to it or it’s significant. But after using MemberHub for our business (yes, we “eat our own dog food”), I’ve found that I have less anxiety about removing messages from my local mail client.  I know that the history of these discussions are “in the cloud”, within the hub. Cool.

3. Opt In; Opt Out (Customize Your Notifications)

Have you ever wished that people would just forget about the Reply All button? Some discussion thread gets going through email and you’re just not that interested; meanwhile you’ve got 15 new emails in the last 10 minutes. Well, if the discussion is taking place in a mailing list then you can opt out of discussions for the time being and come back to the Hub to read about it later. Remember from the last point – you can always access the Hub and view past discussions.

4. Recognizing the Communication Channel Will Encourage Participation

Communication is key to the success of any organization! The more you can get your members, staff and volunteers actively communicating, you stand a much better chance of reaching your goals. By making it easier for folks to communicate, you increase your organization’s chances of success. Recognizing the communication channel and encouraging its use can help improve real communication.

5. Centralize Discussions With Multiple Groups

One of the greatest strengths of MemberHub is its ability to aggregate all the groups in your life. So as a member of Hubs at your church, Hubs at your non-profit and Hubs at your sports league, you can move in and out of organized discussions with the people in each Hub.  Now, the 4 benefits above apply to each online group in your life!