5 Reasons Why International Ministries Need Collaborative Tools

internationalLast week we received an inquiry from an organization that “…is looking for a way to communicate with its workers throughout the world…”. Throughout the world. That’s awesome. Sure, your church and nonprofit has groups that need to get organized and share documents, calendars and messages, but you’re at least in the same town (usually). These folks are spread throughout the world.

They’re in different countries, with different resources, different timezones and different cultures. Stop and think about the possibility that these folks can easily access a shared calendar and receive automatic event reminders in their respective time zone. No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection, you can collaborate with your team. That sounds so obvious, almost naive. “Duh”, you say, “Welcome to the 21st century”. I know, but only when situations like this come along do I ponder how powerful the internet is and how it enables such awesome feats.

In particular, this organization is trying to spread the Gospel to regions of the world where “sharing one’s faith is illegal.” Their ministry and mission could endanger their ability to live the places they’ve been led. They need to be diligent and organized when it comes to communication and collaboration.

Here are just 5 ways international ministries can benefit from online collaborative tools:

  1. Keep everyone informed and ensure this mission’s goals and vision are being shared.
  2. Members feel more connected and have a greater sense of togetherness even when spread throughout the world!
  3. Encourage each other in their efforts.
  4. Allow new members to easily be brought up to speed by joining the online group and reading old messages, downloading forms and viewing member profiles
  5. Share files, photos, calendars and member information with each other to keep everyone in sync

What are some others?