5 Ways Pre-Schools Can Go Green

Almost everything in your life can be digital now. It’s quite amazing actually. As a family we rarely print pictures any more. Even the ones that we want to share get loaded onto a digital picture frame and proudly displayed in the middle of our house. I figure we’re saving a lot of trees; considering how many pictures we take of our 2 year old.

kids-drawingAs true as this is for most folks, there are still a bunch of organizations that haven’t gone “digital”. One of them that is trying is the pre-school that my daughter is in. These teachers and coordinators pour their lives into these children. They teach them to pray before meals, teach them manners, how to act socially around other children, and there are endless games and crafts that help develop our children physically and spiritually. But they definitely go through lots of paper.

Sure craft-time causes them to use construction paper like it’s going out of style, but it’s much more than that. The entire parent directory, which changes drastically every year is printed and bound. There aren’t many days that go by that an announcement is sent home on  pink or green sheet of paper. There is one teacher that even burns cd’s for each parent with pictures of the kids. The photos are named by each kid and sorted appropriately. I’m thinking pre-school programs could be quite the market for MemberHub.

Here are 5 ways that pre-schools and teachers can save money and trees by using online group communication tools:

  1. Allow parents to share and maintain their profile information online
  2. Send announcements via email and text messaging
  3. Upload all files, forms and parent tips into a common area; online
  4. Share photos online
  5. Encourage parents to share ideas, ask questions and generally connect online

Certainly this is just the beginning of the list. Can you think of any more? If you’re a pre-school or elementary teacher or a parent of young children in these programs I’d love for you to leave a comment and share more ideas below.