9 Effective Strategies for Parent Engagement – Free eBook

Whether you’re an educator or an involved parent, you know that parent engagement is critical. But how do you get those other parents on board? You know, the ones who are too busy or distracted to really dig in and get engaged with what’s happening at school?

It’s a problem, and one you can’t afford to ignore.

The bottom line, supported by plenty of research, is that involved parents lead to better outcomes for students. Not to mention a more enjoyable school experience for parents, teachers, and students alike.

But where to begin? The good news is that it’s easier (and less expensive) than you might think to create a strong sense of community at your school.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new free report, 9 Effective Strategies for Parent Engagement at Your School.

In this free report, you’ll learn:

  • Parent engagement, schools: Journals that support what you already intuitively know, that involved parents lead to better outcomes for kids.
  • Why informed parents are involved parents – and how to make sure everyone stays looped in.
  • A huge mistake that schools tend to make with their community-building efforts (and why the tightest-knit schools can actually be the most susceptible).
  • 11 ideas for parent workshops at your school.
  • How much school/parent communication is too much – or too little.
  • Why having an online school directory is crucial these days.
  • The importance of facilitating communications among parents at your school, and tips for doing this successfully.
  • Why it’s sometimes not only desirable, but crucial, to tell parents exactly what you need.
  • Effective school communications channels you may have overlooked.
  • And more!

9 Effective Strategies for Parent Engagement at Your School is available for free download now at http://info.memberhub.com/parent-engagement-strategies.

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