Allow Your Members to Create Hubs in Your Organization

The MemberHub team has deployed an enhancement that will save administrators time by empowering their members to create hubs which can easily be moved under their MemberHub organization.

affilitated with an org

After you click on the New Hub button on Your Dashboard we ask if the hub should be affiliated with an organization. If you are not an administrator of a MemberHub organization, this option will default to “No, this is a stand-alone hub”. Remember, free stand-alone hubs are limited to 25 members and 25 MB of storage. The Click here to lean more link pops up a bubble that gives you a few more details.

Clicking “Yes” to this question reveals a new section that allows you to select an organization. If you are an organization administrator this option will actually default to “Yes”.

Create a Hub 2

As an example, if a member of your nonprofit named Charles needs a hub for his new committee he can create the hub without having to ask an organization administrator to create it for him. The admins of the organization will get an email that allows them to Accept/Reject the new hub.

If accepted, the hub gets pulled under your nonprofit automatically. If rejected the hub is still Charles’s, but it falls outside of the nonprofit’s organization. This means Charles won’t have access to the membership when adding members, your nonprofit logo would not inherit down to his hub and he would be limited on members and storage.

These changes should help organizations better serve their members by empowering them to get organized among themselves. And isn’t this what you want? Ministries, committees and teams that can JUST DO IT.

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