Announcements – New and Improved

Announcement viewSending text messages has been an integral feature in MemberHub from the very beginning. Calendar event reminders can be sent via text message, but the primary way administrators send text messages is through MemberHub’s Announcements feature. We’ve made a change to Announcements that we anticipate will be well received! Essentially, we have removed the 160-character limit that was placed on new Announcements.

This new design is more flexible and also makes it much clearer as to what copy is to be sent out via email and what part is to be sent as a text message. When you create a new Announcement you have two separate and distinct fields to put the copy of your message in. There is top field where you can type unlimited amount of copy (yay!). This part of the message will be posted into the hub and sent as an email to everyone in the hub. It can also be edited after it is posted.

The second part text field is an optional field where you can place copy to be sent as a text message to everyone in the hub. This field has the 160-character limit on it and as you type it updates the character count. There is also a convenient button that will automatically copy the first 160 characters from the top field into the text message field.

Here’s a few screenshots so you can an idea of what it looks like. But go ahead and log in and try yourself!

New Announcement Screen

New Announcement Screen


Edit Announcement

Edit Announcement Screen

Also, here’s what the text message looks like on an iPhone with At&t service:

Text Message Announcement

Text Message Announcement on iPhone


Let us know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy and thank you for using MemberHub!