Are Your Groups Connected?


How many small, independent groups do you have in your church or non-profit?

  • How many small group Bible studies?
  • How many adult ministries?
  • How many children ministries?
  • How many groups of leaders?
  • How many groups with common interests?
  • How many teams of volunteers?
  • How many teams of {fill in the blank}?

Are these groups using readily available online tools to communicate, coordinate and collaborate? Are they all using something different?  Some of them likely use Yahoo! Groups or Facebook. Many just use e-mail and Microsoft Word.

Wouldn’t it be nice if each group used the same tool? Should you provide your groups with the solution so that you can connect with each of them, manage them and track them? Each of your ministries would have their own calendar with automtaic event reminders. Each of your committee’s would have a central place to communicate. Each of your small groups would get their own mailing list to create discussions, share ideas, plan and communicate.

Is it time that you connect your organization and members and begin to help your members be organized, centralized and connected…so that they can leave time for real community?

Lot’s of questions! What are you thoughts?