Collaborate with Whiteboards


Last week, we introduced two new features in MemberHub: Photo Albums and Whiteboards. While it’s rather obvious to most people what you can do with an online photo album in your private hubs, it may not be as obvious what a Whiteboard is.

As we explained to our existing users, Whiteboards are more of an experimental feature. They closely resemble a new “page” in a wiki. Maybe you don’t know what a wiki is (it’s just a fun word to say) so read on.

Imagine having the members of your group in a room with a big whiteboard on the wall. Now, give each member a marker and allow them to write on the board (one member at a time of course) and keep track of each whiteboard version as members are making changes! Now imagine you could easily save the whiteboards from each session and keep them in the room for historical purposes. The possible uses for whiteboards are endless. Some examples include:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Simple document creation
  • Notes for members to see
  • Simple sign-ups
  • Instructions for lessons

It’s another tool that MemberHub gives you to enhance communication and connect your groups. Whiteboards are different than other features in your hubs and should therefore be used in different instances. For example, say you have team cookout coming up. In many cases someone will start a discussion thread and your inbox will be flooded with emails about what they’re bringing. Why not instead create a Whiteboard and let members come edit the whiteboard with what they’ll bring. That way, members can come to the hub (the same place where they come for all other logistics) at their own leisure and not worry about getting 25 emails about what each person is bringing. A beneficial side effect is that the Whiteboard will be preserved for the next cookout and you can see what happened in the past.

Whiteboards are flexible and can serve many different purposes…just like hubs! So go ahead, get creative and let your imagination run a bit. I bet you’ll come up with a good use for a Whiteboard.