A Common School Website SEO Mistake

These days, if prospective parents aren’t finding your school online, then it may as well not exist. How search-friendly is your school’s website?

We ask because there’s one common school website SEO mistake we see schools making all the time: In an effort to see how high their school is coming up in the search rankings, school administrators will type the school’s name, or a variant of it, into their search engine. When the school pops up at the top of the list, they log off, satisfied.

Do you see the problem here?

Many prospective parents don’t yet know your school exists!

For that reason, they won’t be looking for your school by name. Instead, they’ll be typing in something like:

  • “private schools in Raleigh NC”
  • “Montessori schools in NYC”
  • preschools in cotswold area of Charlotte”
Try out a few searches like this and you’ll get a much more accurate view of your school website’s true search-engine-friendliness.

Also, don’t forget to log out of your Gmail account before you do, if you’re searching on Google. Google tailors your search results based on your personal account and browsing history – so your school may be coming up much better in search results for you than for the random prospective parent down the street. And that’s really the person you need to focus on.

Google also takes into account where you are geographically – so searchers in Maine and Oregon get different results when they look for “schools in Portland.”

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your school website, maybe even more than you realize. And that’s OK – your main job is keeping the school itself running smoothly (and putting out all the fires), not the school website! – but it’s important to know your trouble spots so you can get them fixed. This is important, as your school website is the primary way your school gets marketed and branded to the outside world.

What other sorts of school website mistakes should you be looking for?

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