Copy Me on That Message

We had a very positive response to a recent change that was made to the hub Discussions feature a few weeks back. You can now send a copy to yourself when you create a new message in your hubs. Likewise, sending an email to the hub mailing list will also send you an “echo” email or a copy of the message.

This is nice because the sender is assured that their message was successfully delivered. In response to the positive feedback we’ve received, we took this concept a step further.

Picture 2

Now when you create a new hub Announcement,  you can choose to send a copy to yourself. This is especially important for those urgent announcement that you want to be 100% sure get delivered. Now, hub admins can test our SMS feature and see for yourself that text messages are being sent!

In addition to the hub Announcements changes, the originator of a new calendar event, existing calendar event, file upload, photo upload or Whiteboard creation will be included in the notification email that is sent out to the hub.

Event the smallest changes can go a long way towards enhancing your group communications.

As always we encourage you to leave a comment and use our Feedback & Support widget when logged into to engage the MemberHub team.