New Custom Branding Options in MemberHub

The MemberHub team has taken steps towards minimizing the MemberHub branding in customer portals by giving Administrators new custom branding options. Administrators can now:

  • Have emails come from your organization name and not “MemberHub”
  • Use a custom bookmark icon for your portal (Read about favicons)
  • Specify custom content for your portal’s footer
As of June 10th, all paying accounts have been configured to send notification emails from your portal using your organization’s name instead of “MemberHub”. There has also been an overall decrease in the amount of MemberHub branding that users see throughout the their secure portal.
The other available customization options require some quick support interaction. You can email us at customercare[at] with the subject Custom Branding Inquiry so we can help you set up a custom bookmark icon (favicon), create the content of your footer and discuss future branding options in MemberHub.
These enhancements are the first phase of new branding options that we want to give to our customers. We continue to receive suggestions around organization branding and we love hearing from you. So please leave a comment below and keep the feedback coming!