Custom Fields

Any member-based organization needs to keep custom data about their members. Tracking, printing, and recording information about members is what membership management is all about. For example, if a church is using MemberHub, they might want to capture a member’s date of baptism. For an association, every member has a join date. With a MemberHub Organization, you can access the Settings tab and set up Custom Fields for your organization’s member records.

Organizations can create as many custom fields as needed. Custom field types include Text, Multiline, Numeric, Dropdown (select one), Checkbox and Date.

Administrators can choose to make the custom fields viewable at the hub level. Checking the “Allow hub members to view this field” will make the custom field and the data associated with that custom field available to be seen on member profiles. 

Once multiple custom fields have been created a simple drag and drop feature will allow you to reorder the fields. Move more important fields to the top or sort them alphabetically. 

Custom fields are great way to record custom information about members and they’re especially helpful when every member has data associated with that field. However you may have just a handful of people that you want to associate with a specific topic, description, interest or category. For this sort of categorization, tags are powerful concept.

Tagging for People and Hubs will be available soon so stay tuned.