Discussions Feature Has a New Design

MemberHub DiscussionsWe have released an enhancement to the Discussions feature in MemberHub. It has been redesigned for improved readability and and browsing.

Each hub has its own Discussion Board which acts like a mailing list for the members in that hub. When discussion threads have many messages that have been sent via email, the old design for Discussions was showing all the previous text in each message and to parse all the messages in a thread you had to click on each message. Furthermore, the listing of Discussions in the hub wasn’t a view of discussion threads, but rather a list of messages/replies with the latest reply to any given Discussion at the top.

  1. It was difficult to see the current discussion threads.
  2. It was difficult to see which discussion threads had more activity.
  3. It was difficult to parse an entire discussion.

To alleviate these concerns we redesigned the Discussions views.

Discussions Listing

Discussions Thread

With the design:

  1. The Discussions listing now shows a list of discussion threads, rather than the latest message of any given discussion.
  2. Each discussion thread shows the total count of messages in that thread.
  3. The discussion thread at the top have the latest activity.
  4. When you actually view a Discussion you see one view with all the messages in the thread.
  5. Each message hides “previous text” so you only see the reply part of the message.


Login, check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below!