Does Preschool Matter?


Is preschool a worthwhile investment for our country? This will certainly be a hotly debated topic over the coming years in light of Obama’s Preschool for Every Child initiative.

The folks at Education News have put together a nice infographic (scroll to end of post) that supports the case for preschool.

They start with some basic stats:

  • There are currently over 11 million unemployed in the US
  • 2.3 million people are incarcerated
  • 42.6 million people are living below the poverty line

What does preschool have to do with these numbers? Can it can start to reverse these trends?

  • Kids who attend preschool are 20% more likely to graduate high school
  • They are half as likely to be arrested
  • Grown-ups who attended preschool earn an average of 50% more than non-preschoolers
  • Every $1 invested in preschool saves taxpayers up to $13 in future costs

Education News concludes that:

Even though it may seem like a glorified play time to some, preschool nonetheless touts huge long and short-term benefits for those who attend.


What do you think? What are you conclusions of these statistics? Do your eyes glaze over while reading these statistics?


Preschool Infographic