Early Childhood Education – How Important is it to America?

State Improved pre-k programs teaserIn accordance with their 10-year commitment to the Pre-K Now campaign, Pew has just released their final report (PDF) which reveals significant increase in investment from state funding for Pre-k over the last 10 years and makes a very clear case for the support of a well-funded early eduction system in America. 

Investing in Early Childhood Eduction is extremely important for this country. Nothing could produce a greater ROI for a country than investing in its children’s education and the expansion of early education is perhaps the best way to deal with the inequality our country is facing in light of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Two Observations

I’m not sure what a federal backed ECE system looks like, but I can tell you two things:

1. I’m personally seeing the results of a strong ECE program in my children’s lives and I’m very thankful for it. I hope their public education can accelerate in accordance with how early their education has started.

2. We’re committed to ensuring that MemberHub.com exists to serve the ECE community and the organizations that already support it like churches and nonprofits. Increasing communication and collaboration among teachers and parents will be a big part of making early childhood education really work well!

Pew’s Got a Plan

The report “challenges the nation’s policy makers to transform public education by moving away from the current K-12 system to a Pre-K-12 system”. In their actual report, Pew provides a roadmap for Pre-k-12 which includes:

  • Strategically expanding access to pre-k
  • Incorporating early education research and best practices into learning standards and teaching practices
  • Improving assessments for teachers and children
  • Re-imagining state and federal governance in a Pre-K-12 system

This graphic shows the proof in state spending growth (click the image):

PREK Policy Milestones Infographic