Echo, Echo, Echo, Emails

listeningOnline discussions are a great way to enhance communications and help members stay organized. With so many tools available, it’s hard to tell the difference between a mailing list, a discussion forum and general online messaging. With MemberHub, every single hub (online group) has a mailing list. It’s not a forum or place to blog; perhaps those features will come later. I’m not going to spend time explaining how mailing lists work, but I am going to explain an enhancement to our hub mailing lists that have opinions on both sides.

There is a new checkbox labeled “Send me a copy of this message” that you can now click whenever you are logged into MemberHub and you create a new discussion or reply to existing discussion. In addition to this, whenever you send an email to the hub mailing list, the list will automatically send you a copy of the message. This is what we mean by “echo” emails.

For example, if you wish you to start a new discussion in one of your hubs by sending an email to “” you will now receive an email from the list just as others in the hub receive an email.

The main advantage of these new features is the assurance that your message was delivered successfully and the ability to review your message as recipients will view it.

So, try it out and let us know what you think? What are you used to when it comes to mailing lists? What are your preferences? Drop us a comment and/or a suggestion? Thanks!