Enhanced Communications Does Save Money

Some people may wonder how a group communications tools saves time or money. “Isn’t it just way for people to talk and be social?”. Well group communications tools certainly do help people talk and that should be the point of church or association using a tool like MemberHub. Here’s the deal, communication is key to your organization. You know that. Especially if you’re a member-driven organization like a church or a non-profit.

woman-talking-on-phone-angry-uidThe more informed your members are the less time  you spend answering questions you’ve already answered; multiple times already. How many times do you have to pick up the phone or answer an email just to address a question that a member should be able to answer themselves?

Here are three ways that using group communications tools save money:

1. Empower your ministries, groups and teams to coordinate and organize themselves; instead of the staff

2. Drive all communications with and among members through one tool (i.e. you don’t need Facebook, an email marketing tool and traditional email.)

3. Happy, informed and empowered members stick around (i.e. think giving, donations, and dues)

Can you think of any more?