Equipping Seminary Students to Communicate Better

Seminaries face unique challenges. Secular universities and colleges are up to their eyeballs in the new world of communications that include social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. There are few if any filters on these offerings and they generally pose more problems for a seminary environment than they do solutions.


Does that mean that seminaries are to be left in the Dark Ages with regard to communication? Let’s hope not. One of the main needs for future pastors and church leaders is to be in constant communication with their peers and to learn how to best handle the church congregation of the 21st century. It ain’t like your grandaddy’s church anymore .

One way that future church leaders can be prepared is to have more modern means of communication within the seminary environment itself. Of course you can provide courses to help students learn the ins and outs of how the new world communicates (and even reads the Bible for that matter) but there is nothing like learning by doing.

While seminaries are often strapped for capital to implement these types of programs there are now web based software apps that can help facilitate the communication necessary to help them grow as leaders. Of course, MemberHub is one of those options (you didn’t expect me to not say anything about that now did you?).

Here are 3 very simple yet powerful applications for web based communication tools that should be considered.

  1. Classes can have collaborative activities that strengthen their learning and help to reinforce what is covered in the class
  2. Seminary wide communication can be taken beyond just e-mail lists and there can more information disseminated in a more efficient and effective manner
  3. Seminary staff and departments can have greater continuity with less face to face meetings and more time doing what they do best; equipping.

Is your seminary living in the past in the way that it communicates with students and staff? Could there be greater learning and preparing taking place if there were quicker and cleaner communication for these groups? Could seminaries be using software to help improve communications and prepare students for using technology once they go out to shepherd their flocks?

We think so. Tell us what you think.