Faith In Action Sunday on 10.10.10

Much of the online church community is familiar with the upcoming free conference called The Nines, but are you familiar with The Tens? Okay, I made that up. But, there is something important going on this year on 10.10.10. It’s called the National Faith in Action Sunday and it’s all about just that…putting your faith in action.

In case you’re not familiar, Faith in Action (FIA) is a four-week campaign with the purpose of empowering churches to get out of the building and into the local community. What is Faith In Action?

Faith in Action is a four-week, church-wide campaign that creates an outward focus and a heart to serve in your congregation. FIA culminates in a Sunday where regular services are cancelled, and the entire congregation engages in service projects in and with the community.

There is a lot more information on the website including an Overview, slew of resources, stories of other churches, and they have an active Facebook Page too.

The four-week campaign is “embraced by churches year-round, but many choose to participate on National Faith in Action Day.” On this one Sunday every year, churches get out into the community, canceling their normal Sunday service and work together with other churches to serve their community. I can’t think of a better way to model Christ’s call for unity within in the church.

How awesome would it be if every church in America participated on National Faith in Action Day? What would happen to local communities? What effect could this have the body of Christ? What would Anne Rice think?

We think FIA is awesome, so we’d like to spread the word and here’s what else we’re doing about it: we’re offering our services for FREE to organizations for the 3 months leading up to and during their 4 week Faith In Action Campaign. Simply use the following coupon when selecting your plan: FIA101010 and you’ll get 3 months use of MemberHub for FREE!


So has your church considered participating in a Faith in Action campaign? Have you participated in the past? How did it go? Did you share your story anywhere? Leave a comment!

[Image from Faith in Action]