Family Members In MemberHub Part 1

stockxpertcom_id14217791_size0One of the lesser known features in MemberHub has been the Family Members section. Every user in the system has the ability to add a profile for each member of their family, or household. When set up properly, each member of the family can have their own MemberHub login, but still be grouped under the same family. While this concept isn’t too hard to grasp, we’ve learned that the benefits to adding Family Members has not been obvious.

With the exception of one feature, which we’ll discuss soon, the manifestation and purpose behind being a “family-oriented” online member community tool has not be overtly obvious. In addition to this we’ve had requests coming in (mainly from churches) to create more family-oriented views in the system. So we took a step back and have completely redesigned the way that families get set up, the ways that hubs can work with families and have added an extensive  help section devoted to “Setting Up Your Family”.

We have deployed these changes to MemberHub and we will follow this post with a couple more posts devoted to bringing attention to these new changes and helping our users understand the benefits and details of MemberHub’s family features.

Stay tuned.