Family Members in MemberHub Part 5: Family Grouped Hubs!

Fireworks clusterThis is the grand finale in our fireworks display of blog posts dedicated to outlining MemberHub’s family-oriented features.

Over the last two weeks we’ve talked about Setting Up Your Family and the new built-in help sections thoughout the application. We’ve also discussed how to add family members and the advantages to correctly setting up your family in MemberHub.

Just like the old testament points to the gospel in the new testament, those previous posts point to a new feature in MemberHub that really make use of all this family stuff. Simply stated, you can now group the members in your hubs into families. Said another way, you can create a hub and encourage members to join themselves and other family members into the hub and then, on the Members page in that hub, you can view information about the family. There is a family picture and members can drill down into each person of that family to read each respective profile. So what’s that good for? Here are just a few examples:

  • Online church directory
  • Preschool programs
  • Elementary school classes
  • Cub scouts, girl scouts
  • Any family-oriented group that needs a private place to collaborate

Perhaps the best use of this new feature would be the online church directory. In my 8 years at our current church we’ve done one printed directory. This directory contains the single worst picture ever taken of me (my wife looks beautiful as always) and it’s so outdated it’s not funny…well maybe it is funny. You get my point here. These days it really is possible and it makes sense to have your directory online where your members can update their pictures, bio, and correspondence information in a timely fashion.

At the risk of creating a super long post, I’m not going to put the details of how to configure this new feature in MemberHub into this post. You’ll just have to wait till the next post. The anticipation will be tough ;-).