Get your MemberHub back-to-school playbook

Before you do anything — make sure you’ve set up your MemberHub site! See the getting started guide for site adminsThis guide will take you through the most important steps, from logging in to setting up your school store for back-to-school season. For more help setting up your school store, sign up for one of our daily webinars!

Just in time for back-to-school season, here’s some real advice from real PTA unit leaders who successfully introduced MemberHub at their schools. These best practices and advice will help you seize the momentum at the start of the school year.

1. Get PTA leaders and teachers on board before school starts.

This is the time to get the ball rolling!

In your first PTA meeting, introduce MemberHub. It’s a tool that makes running the PTA easier. MemberHub puts all the tools you need in one place to engage and communicate with families, raise more funds, and stay in good standing.

Find your MemberHub champion! Work with your school teachers and administrators to identify teachers who you think will embrace the change and build their classroom hub to communicate with parents. Then, your MemberHub champion can help other teachers get started. Here’s how to get started in hubs.

2. Introduce MemberHub with teacher assignment letters.

Parents and kids want to know who’s in their class! Strike while the iron is hot, and you’ll get the most members signed up those few days before back-to-school night — without having to do much convincing. Usually, your office staff will let you know the date the letters are being sent.

Send parents a “Join the PTA” flier and a more detailed fact sheet that explains what MemberHub is, why it’s valuable, and three steps to get started.

3. At back-to-school night, give parents information on MemberHub.

Use a sample back-to-school email to families to encourage them to buy PTA memberships and more online — and skip the line on back-to-school night!

See more about how to set up your school store and check out a video on using the store to maximize back-to-school night!

4. Have teachers use MemberHub for fall conference signups.

This helps parents see that MemberHub is a one-stop-shop where they can go for many kinds of communication and signups: conferences, events, volunteer shifts, donations, and more.

Once teachers use MemberHub for fall conferences the first time, they can easily edit signups for future use, without having to log in to other applications. 

Parents who haven’t joined yet will be motivated to sign up!


Check out MemberHub’s webinar schedule and support section for articles and videos on getting the most out of your MemberHub account.