Gratitude Always Brings You Back

A huge spiritual leader in my life once said that “Gratitude always bring you back.” At the time I remember thinking “wow, that’s deep, but not really deep”. I sort of dismissed it and didn’t spend much time thinking about it. But today I found out exactly what he meant.

Today I dropped my car off a local mechanic, here in Raleigh. I’ve been to these guys three times before as we’ve gotten our Subaru Outback serviced there. Each time I’ve been impressed with their genuine kindness, timely service and what appeared to be, very honest work on my car. When I arrived today, to walk in I was greeted by this sign.

I was blown away. It’s so simple, so humble, so typical…but SO amazing. It was gratitude. And I’ll be coming back to get my car serviced with great excitement and loyalty.

In the same spirit that this simple sign was made, we want to say thank you to our readers, users community. Thanks for helping MemberHub be what it has become today!

By the way have you done this for your members, customers, or patrons? It doesn’t have to be expensive, timely or difficult. Maybe just a pen a big piece of paper will do!