Group Management – I Like It!


The good folks over at Web Worker Daily did an excellent review of MemberHub today. Upon reading the article, the first thing that I noticed was that Scott called MemberHub a “group management and communication service”. We have never made any public effort to describe MemberHub in that way…”group management”. From the get-go, I knew that Scott really understands MemberHub.

Quoting Scott Blitstein:

I realized that while MemberHub is billed as a tool for churches and non-profits, there is a lot of value here for a group of any sort (or any size) that needs a place to communicate and collaborate.

Yes, he gets it! He goes onto say:

…a dashboard does a good job of presenting all of them (hubs), even across organizations. So while each hub is a unique and private entity, there is value in maintaining multiple hubs on the service.

This is the true strength in MemberHub. It centralizes communications and collaboration among groups for not only “organizations” but also members! You! You, the person that is a member of a church, non-profit, association, club and family! So go recommend MemberHub to all the organizations that you’re affiliated with that need to enhance communication and start getting things done! You can start by creating a free hub.

And let us know if you have any questions along the way.