Making Group Collection Easy – PassHat

Have you ever had trouble collecting money for a class gift for a teacher, staff, or for a friend? Recently, we’ve made it easier than ever to collect money for a class gift through our partners at PassHat. With PassHat, you are able to collect funds from your hub members for fees, dues, or a gift of your choosing. There is no running around, tracking parents down, handling cash, depositing checks or covering shortfalls with your own money. How good does that sound?

PassHat is….

  • Easy: PassHat campaigns are easy to create. The entire process is managed for you automatically, including electronic delivery of funds and gift-cards.
  • Safe: Encrypted and secure, with no credit card data stored in it, your information is safe and no cash is handled by you or the recipient.
  • Private: All collections are “invitation-only”, so distribution is limited exclusively to those you’ve selected to participate.

PassHat has….

  • Choice & Variety: Numerous premium merchant gift-card and cash-out options, or leave the final choice to the recipient
  • Flexibility: Use PassHat for gifts, fees, dues, or any class-collection needs.
  • Community: Use your social networks or online email accounts to invite participants to join-in your collection; Generate fundraising rebates for your Non-profit organization.

With its interface to MemberHub, PassHat can create a collection for your hub members with one click of the button. Also, As a MemberHub exclusive, Passhat is offering a 50% fee discount.

Click Here to start your collection today!