How Important is Your Website to Your Online Community?

community with pool

Your organization’s website is important. You’ve spent money on it. Your members spend time on your website. Visitors go there to learn about your organization. It’s your online brochure to the world. Who are you “Church XYZ”? What is your cause really about “Mr. Nonprofit Organization?”

So when you decide to implement a private social network for your members where they can connect and communicate you might consider your website as the launching point for your new network. We recognize that it’s essential to integrate MemberHub into your existing website and we offer you a way to do this through a tool we called a Hub List Widget. You can read more about it over here in our online Knowledge Base.

You can see an excellent use of a hub listing widget in the wild over at Imagine Fellowship’s website.

Start a free MemberHub trial and check try it out. It will only cost your time!