How Many Communication Tools Do We Need?

124148692_7b1a018e0aAt your church, non-profit or association, how many tools do you use to communicate with your members? We’ve learned that in some cases people are using 3 different tools. For example, a Director of Youth Ministries at church here in Raleigh, is currently using Facebook to connect with the kids, an email marketing program to reach the adults and he combines this with the occasional personal email and phone call. Throw in Twitter and text messaging capabilities and you can find yourself spending half the day trying reach everyone, just to remind them to return their (enter random weekly form name here) form.

Does this sound like you? Sure, effective communication needs multiple mediums to make sure everyone is reached, but how many tools do you have to use to accomplish this? How much time and effort are you spending on simply “organizing the procedures in which your communicate”?

Please share with us how you deal with this challenge. What’s working for you? What’s not working?