How Often Do You Remember To Send Those Reminder Emails?

MemberHub deployed two very basic, but very needed features yesterday.

Recurring Event Reminders


One of the more elegant and powerful features in MemberHub is the calendar that is available in every hub. Its recurring events functionality is just as powerful as Apple’s iCal and Microsoft Outlook. The only thing that was missing was the ability to setup reminders for recurring events. That is no longer the case! You can create recurring events and specify that MemberHub send members an email and/or text message…automatically. NOW, go into your hubs and setup reminders for all those weekly and monthly meetings, practices and games. And while you’re in there, set up a reminder and text message for that random event that occurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, every 3 weeks.

Search for People in you Hub


For hubs that have lots of members, it feels a bit cumbersome to have to page through all the members to find that one person you’re looking for. So we’ve added a search field on the Members page in the hub. You can now search by first or last name and the members list will be filtered appropriately.