How Secure Is MemberHub?

MemberHub is Secure with SSL256-bit encryption secure! What am I talking about? I’m talking about HTTPS of course. The SSL encrypted version of HTTP. Again, you ask, what am I talking about? Well, just know this…MemberHub is now just as secure as the website you use to login to access your bank data.


I’ll spare you any more of the exciting technical details and just say this:

  • Every web-page that is loaded inside MemberHub now uses a very high-level of data encryption
  • It will be virtually impossible for someone to hijack your personal MemberHub account or access your organization’s data
  • This is pretty much the highest standard of security an online software application can provide at this point
  • MemberHub is committed to keeping your data as secure as possible
  • We are NOT charging any extra for this added benefit (like several online software companies do)

So, MemberHub is very private and very secure. That is all…any questions?