iCalendar Feeds Now Include the Hub Name

Hub Name in iCalendar Feed

One very handy feature in MemberHub is the ability to subscribe to calendar events and have them automatically push to your personal calendar system like iCal, Outlook, GMail calendar and smartphones. If you subscribe to your organization’s Main Calendar feed (as opposed to each hub calendar separately) you get all your hub calendar events in one feed. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which hub the event came from. Well not now!

Now the name of the hub will appear in brackets at the very beginning of the Notes section. So you will always be able to tell which hub the event is associated with. It’s a small change that can make a big difference in the day-to-day use of calendars in MemberHub and it’s the small things in life, right!

As a refresher you can read the Subscribing to Calendars in MemberHub help article.

Enjoy! We’ll have some other announcements about calendar enhancements later this week.