If “Small Groups Don’t Work”, How Can Technology Help?

This week Pastor Geoff Surratt, over on his personal blog started rocking the boat with his multi-part post entitled “Why Small Groups Don’t Work”. Catchy enough title to bring plenty of conversation. Grab a cup a coffee before you settle in. Geoff spent plenty of time framing up and delivering his argument that essentially says that the “missing link in church small groups” is a “driving missional focus”. Cool. Well I have zero authority to speak to the theological implications of the current “dilemma” with small groups in the church (if there even is one) but if they are broken, how can technology assist in fixing it?

First off I’d like to point out the obvious. Technology made this discussion possible. If the church is due for a change in small groups then my guess is that it would be delayed several more years if it wasn’t for the internet and the various platforms that connect so many church leaders so effortlessly. I’m sure Geoff’s thoughts had been bubbling up and forming for several months but in a matter of hours if not minutes, he was able to publish his thoughts to thousands and spark a very awesome discussion. But onto the real point of this post

How are you using technology for your small groups?

Why are you using technology for your small groups? In what capacity does it help? For example, we’ve had requests before to add attendance tracking to MemberHub to help small group leaders report attendance to their “small group coach”. I didn’t even know that sort of thing happened in small group ministries.

Help us technology folks out by providing your insight into where YOU think small groups are heading and how technology can help make them a powerful tool in the Kingdom.