Introducing Subdomains for Your Organization

The main objective that drove this round of enhancements was to give more focus to the organization. Essentially we wanted to do a better job of scoping the entire user experience by the organization that actually signed up for the service. Let me explain something that might not be obvious right now.

When you currently log into MemberHub, you land on Your Dashboard. Every user has their own dashboard where they see a combined view of data across all of the hubs AND organizations that they are affiliated with in MemberHub. The header and the MemberHub logo are present. This was a great concept for some users because they are a part of multiple organizations that use MemberHub and the current dashboard provided a one stop view into all the organizations in their life.

However, what we heard in our feedback was that administrators wanted their member’s experience in MemberHub to feel more like their own organization. Many of you suggested that as members interacted with the system it was more about MemberHub and less about Trinity Community Church (example organization name). As soon as a member logs in, it’s not branded with the organization, it’s branded with MemberHub. This is all about to change.

Every organization (subscription) will now have a customizable subdomain. For example, Trinity Community Church could have a subdomain of You can even use your existing organization’s website address and just tack the onto the end to get your organization’s branded login page.

Think about this for a minute. Every time someone gets an email from MemberHub and clicks the link to take them into the system, instead of landing on a login page that says nothing about your organization, they’re taken to a branded login page that will immediately bring a level of trust and familiarity that your members are expecting when using a tool that you have provided. In addition to this, Trinity Community Church can now just link to right off of their website. In fact, it should be encouraged that members use your subdomain to login.

Once someone logs into the organization, they are no longer taken to a generic Your Dashboard page. Instead they are taken to the organization’s dashboard. With the exception of the top navigation (which we will explore later this week) the dashboard feels the same, BUT…it’s got the organization’s name and logo in the header…not MemberHub’s.

Having a subdomain for your organization in MemberHub allows the system to be opened up to many enhancements. Here are just a few:

  • A more branded experience
  • Member profiles that can be edited by both members and admins
  • Less confusion on who’s in control of the data and communication
  • A page for organizational wide events, directories, hub listings and more

All organizations in the system will have their subdomain defaulted for them. Administrators can customize their subdomain on the Settings tab inside the Admin console.

There are more blog posts coming this week about the upcoming changes, so stay tuned! And please leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Thanks!