Is Facebook the Best Way To Connect Your Members?


If you are a non-profit organization and not following Rebecca Leaman on Wild Apricot’s blog, do yourself a favor and start. It’s an excellent resource and chocked full of relevant information, tips, and insightful conversations that all non-profits can benefit from.

This past weekend I was enjoying her post; Facebook Profiles and Pages and Groups, oh my! This post was very timely for me because I finally created my Facebook profile after coming to terms with the reality that if I’m going to embrace social media on every level, it is simply necessary to have a presence there. 

Rebecca’s post is a great explanation of not only the differences between Facebook profiles, pages and groups, but also suggests appropriate uses for each and covers exactly what the folks at Facebook say about them. At the end of her post was when I got really excited. Here’s an excerpt from the last 2 paragraphs of the post.

Embrace the features of Facebook for what they are and what they can do, but ake [sic] your website the hub of your online community. It’s there, on your own turf, where you can encourage a higher level of engagement, subscriptions to your blog or email newsletter, active membership in your organization, conversions to offline actions, and the true two-way communication that leads to more lasting 

If you’re familiar at all with MemberHub, you’ll know why this excited me. She’s proving one of our biggest points. And that is this: the members, constituents and volunteer’s of your organization need a platform that centralizes staff and community members to seamlessly handle the logistics, administration, communication and coordination that often drains time, energy and money from all involved parties. Facebook is social networking. It’s a “networking” tool that can be effective at spreading your organization’s reach and better your cause. However, once someone is an active, participating member of any 3rd party organization, they need another tool that will immediately connect them with the organization so they can conduct the “business of being a member”.

Organizations can signup with MemberHub and in minutes have a “hub of [for] your online community” for each volunteer group, ministry, team and/or small group. Hubs are private and secure; you have to be personally invited or have a hub key to join one. With MemberHub, you can immediately encourage your members to participate in conversations, share files and calendars and generally stay connected with instant notifications and automatic event reminders. Leave your website alone for now and create a private online community for your members in MemberHub TODAY!