New Feature – Join Open Hubs

In the past we’ve received requests for a feature that will allow people in a given MemberHub site to browse a list of hubs that they would like to be a part of. This is essentially what the Join Open Hubs feature allows.

Let’s say you would like to get together a carpool list, find other parents to schedule play dates, or allow volunteers to connect and see opportunities where they can help. Join Open Hubs is now your answer. Maybe you have a list of committees that you need people to contribute towards. This feature is perfect for that. Simply create a hub for each committee and then mark it open for joins. In this way, parents at your school can browse the available committees, choose to be a part of that hub and therefore receive notifications about volunteer needs for that committee. Another simple use case is allowing folks at your school with common intereste to connect.

Here’s How it works:

An administrator at your school creates a hub and allows anybody in the MemberHub Site to join. In that hub, under the Hub Settings button and on the Joins tab there is now a new checkbox that reads Allow any person in Trinity Community School to join this hub from the dashboard.



Once that box is checked for at least one hub in your MemberHub site,  a new button will appear on the Dashboard that that says Join Open Hubs. Again, the button only appears if there are hubs open to join.


Clicking the Join Open Hubs button will display a listing of “open” hubs. To join one, press the blue Join button on the right. The hub that you joined can now be seen on the left and you are free to communicate to your heart’s content.

Trinity_Community_School 1



We hope this feature will bring improve communication channels and bring close-knit  communities even closer. We hope it will help connect folks on a level beyond the school walls.

We would love to hear any feedback you have!