Look Up There, It’s a Blog, No It’s a Forum, No It’s a…Mailing List

Earlier this week, we listed 5 reasons to use online discussions.  Now, there’s even a better reason. We revamped the Discussions feature in MemberHub. The majority of these changes were really “under the hood”. There were a few changes to the already elegant user interface that you’re used to, but mainly you’ll notice that discussions just seem to work more natural, as an online discussion should be. Below is an explanation of the motivation behind these changes but, here’s the bottom line: Every Hub in MemberHub has it’s own mailing list. That’s really the message of this post. To make it a bit more clear here’s a list of what changed:

  • Emails sent to a mailing list will be forwarded onto the recipients “as-is”
  • Attachments in emails participating in a discussion will be forwarded on
  • You no longer have to “——–REPLY ABOVE THIS LINE——-“

Discussion Thread

Online discussions can take place through mailing lists and sometimes they take place in forums. You can participate in the discussion from your mail client (Outlook, Mac Mail, GMail, etc.) but you can also visit a website and participate in the discussion. That’s certainly the case with Discussions in MemberHub. However, MemberHub’s Discussions feature (found in every hub, unless turned off), has been a mix between a mailing list and an online forum. In fact, it reminded many people of a blog. When logged in, a member can start a discussion, and then anyone can comment on that discussion directly in the Hub or simply respond to the discussion “thread” in their inbox.  Because Hubs are private, the Discussions feature does not mimic that of a blog. In addition, there aren’t any “topics”, so it isn’t like a forum. And what about that weird “Reply Above this Line” message in each email you received? You’re starting to get the point… We were somewhere in the middle of all this and our users were expecting different results.


Go ahead and try out the new Discussions feature in your Hub!