Manage Multiple Email Addresses

The average person has somewhere around 7 email accounts. This reality has proven true at MemberHub when users have repeatedly run into an issue when they attempt to send an email to a list (or reply to a thread) from an email address that’s not affiliated with MemberHub. MemberHub bounces the email because we can’t just let anyone start sending email to a hub’s list.

This becomes a challenge when you consider that often times the account that you send emails from at work is not the same that you send from home or your mobile phone. That’s why we’ve added the ability for users to add multiple email addresses to their account.

When logged into MemberHub, at the top right, click on Your Account and then select the Email Addresses option.

Click the Add E-mail Address button and follow the instructions. Yes, we will verify that you own this email address. We take security seriously.

After you’ve verified your email address you can choose which address you’d like for your primary communication channel and if you’re affiliated with multiple organizations, you can selectively choose which email address to associate with each organization on Your Profile for that organization.

The backbone of communication in MemberHub has always been group mailing lists. When it comes to easily connecting members, nothing is easier then having one email address for group members to know to reach others. Whether sitting at the their desk at work or on-the-go with their mobile phone, sending an email to the list is as easy as….sending an email. But, sometimes sending an email isn’t quite that easy. Now it is…at least with our service.