Meet the MemberHub Summer Intern

I just wanted to share with everyone a little about our summer intern. Her name is Caroline. We think she’s great and here’s why.
  • Caroline wants to learn more about social media marketing (so do we)
  • She’s already strategizing a really cool social media marketing idea for August
  • She’s spending her summer days with us; not hanging at the pool
  • Caroline is a volleyball super star for Meredith College
  • One of her passions is teaching the sport and manners to younger women
  • She has great taste in music
  • Her affinity for tacos and spicy food is comparable to the rest of the team (very important stuff)

We’d like to thank Ken Tate for connecting us with Caroline and for being a awesome customer, an awesome leader at NC State and a trusted companion.

You can email Caroline at caroline.cobb@ and while you’re at her respect the Twitter and follow her at (those college kids are so stuck on Facebook ;-P).

memberhub summer intern