Member Directory, Now with Google Maps

online member directory mapWe’ve made some enhancements to the organization wide member directory feature. The Directory now has a Map which displays people on the left and a Google map on the right. The map has pinpoints for each person who has an address in their profile record. You can access the Map through the blue button in the upper-right when you’re in the Directory. Also whenever you’re viewing a person or family profile in the Directory, there is a Map Address link directly under the Mailing Address.

Here are some common uses of the map:

  • Get directions to someone’s house
  • See what members live near you or another location
  • Get a visual representation of where others in organization live

When you’re in the Map, you can browse people on the left and click on a name to bring up an information window just above their pin on the map. You can choose to zoom into their address and the map will zoom in closer to that specific person’s address and pop up the information bubble.

member directory map info bubble

From inside the information bubble you can click the Get Directions link. This link will automatically map a route from your address to that person’s address. It will use Google Maps and launch the routed directions into a new tab where you can immediately print it out.

member directory map directions

When you’re browsing the member Directory and click into someone’s profile, if their address is listed there will be a link just below it that says “Map Address”. This link will take you to the map and automatically pop up the information window for that person’s address where you can then zoom in or get directions.

Check out the new Map feature and please let us know what you think!

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