Need Small Group Help?


If you need help for your small group(s), then logically you would go to, right? Naturally.

Whether you’re a small group leader or pastor, if you’re looking for a great resource for small groups then you should really check these guys out. Frank Chiapperino and others have been cranking out valuable, interesting, blog content since January 2007.

Here’s an excerpt from small group help:

Small Group Help is a destination for small group leaders and ministry leaders to get resources, training materials, study guides and advice. You can read the BLOG, MESSAGE BOARDS, & RESOURCE REVIEWS for FREE, but if you would like to unlock the full potential of this site, you can purchase one of our low cost subscriptions. A subscription will give you access to all of our articles, downloadable discussion guides, and training materials and videos.

Really good stuff there and lots of way to plug in. Now, surf on over to and be on your way to impoving your small groups!