New eBook – How to Create an Effective School Communications Plan

One trend I’ve consistently seen when we demo MemberHub to a school, is that the conversation goes into how to use the platform for their school rather than questions about the software itself.

It doesn’t take long for school leaders to see the value in centralizing all school communications into one central location and the software itself is pretty easy to use. So what happens is that folks begin to talk about how their school should communicate. Who’s responsible? How often should they send newsletters? Should they text message parents when the bus leaves? Etc.

In other words, parent teacher organizations need to think through the communication plan. We’re guessing many schools do NOT have a school communications plan. So we thought we’d put together a guide that might help schools leaders begin think through one.

Cover to eBookHence our newest eBook title How to Create an Effective School Communications Plan. You can click here to learn more about the book and download it for free.

We hope that this helps your school think through your communication objectives and plan.