New Feature – Discussion Visibility

Management_Team_3A very common question that we get from MemberHub users is around sending messages to only select people (rather than the entire group). With a new enhancement to Discussions, we’ve made it much easier to send messages to select group of people inside a hub. Users can now start a threaded Discussion with sub group of people inside a hub with ease.

Here are some examples from a school’s perspective:

  • You’re a classroom parent and need to collaborate with all the parents but NOT the teacher to discuss a gift for the teacher.
  • You’re a teacher and want to get connected with only one or two parents to talk about something.
  • You’re in sub-committee of a group and need to have a Discussion only pertaining to your sub-group.
  • You simply want to have a discussion with a handful of people in your hub.

Before now, the only way to send a message to a few people was to visit the Members page in a hub and find the New Message button. But it wasn’t in an obvious location and it certainly wasn’t obvious that you could send the message to multiple people by adding multiple names to the New Message pop up window.

Discussion Visibility allows you to start a discussion while including or excluding certain members of a hub.


Here is How it Works

Go to the Discussions feature in hub. Once you hit the “New Discussion” button, you will now see a “To:” button above the subject line.


Click the “To:” button and a popup will give you three options: Include EveryoneEveryone except these people, or Only these people


Selecting one of the latter two options allows you to create a list of names of people from the hub to include or exclude.

Anybody you exclude will pop up in red and anybody you include will pop up in green.



Note: Hub administrators, if they are members of the hub, can be included or excluded from having visibility to the discussion. Organization Administrators can also be included or excluded if they are members of the hub. However, Organization Administrators can always view discussions online and modify discussions regardless of visibility settings.

Once you have everything to your liking, hit Done and then you are ready to type and send your discussion. Pretty cool, huh?


After the Discussion has been created and sent, the person that started the Discussion can edit the Visibility by clicking the little eyeball (kinda creepy) icon on the Discussions listing to bring the Visibility popup back up.



Hopefully this will aid and streamline your communication efforts. We would love to know what you think! Please Leave a comment below.

And, as always, you can contact us anytime.