New Feature: Message Select People

When we performed our last customer survey, a couple of trends were immediately spotted. The most common was the suggestion to allow users to send a message to just a select few people in their hubs. Discussions are great for creating dialog between all the members in a hub and you can easily send a one-to-one message to a member (or admin) of your hub. But there wasn’t an easy way to send a message to a few select people in your group. Well we heard ya loud and clear and we’ve made some simple, very intutive changes to allow you to do just that.

Anytime  you’re on the Members listing in your hub, you can click the little mail envelope icon beside the member’s name. This pops up a message dialog where you can provide a Subject and Message to send an email to that person. In the past the message could only be sent to that one person.

Now when you get the New Message popup, there is a To: field where you can add additional names. Simply start typing the name of any person in your hub and the dialog will attempt to auto-complete the name for you. Also notice that there is new checkbox at the bottom. Leave that checked and you will be emailed a copy of your message.

As an alternative to clicking the envelope icon beside a member’s name you can also click the blue New Message button found in the right-hand sidebar on the Members page in your hubs.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to visit the Support Forum at if you have any feedback or suggestions.