New Hub Join Page and Home Page Images

We’ve made some recent enhancements to the hub Home Page and the hub Join Page that will help administrators to further customize their hubs.

Every hub in MemberHub has a corresponding public-facing Join Page. This page is where prospective members can learn about the group and either join right from that page or request to join. These pages are especially useful if you take advantage of putting a Hub Listing widget on your organization’s website. For example, you could list your small groups hubs at your church on your website. Visitors can then click on each group to learn more. The link will take them to the Join Page for that hub where the will see a description of the group, a member count and NOW a personalized group image!

We have a Knowledge Base article you can read to learn how to set up your Join Page(s).

While we were at it, we gave hub administrators the ability to upload an image to their hub’s Home Page too. Hub administrators can simply click the blue Edit Homepage button at the bottom of the Home Page to upload an image. We heard this suggestions quite a bit, so enjoy!

Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think. Do not hesitate to contact us over on the Support Forum if you have any questions at all. We’re here to serve!