New Feature: Announcements & Discussions Merged into Messages

UPDATE: We also released a new layout to all notification emails from MemberHub. They’re now in full HTML. Which means they look beautiful and no more weird —————– lines in your plain text notification emails from MemberHub. Enjoy! 

We have made a significant change to the way emails and “messages” are prepared and viewed in MemberHub. Your hubs now have a Messages section.

Technically, we kept both Announcements and Discussions and “under the hood” these features still exist, but we’re grouping them under a section called Messages to make the creation of a new email or text message more straight-forward and easier to find. Plus we’re adding functionality to Announcements.

This means:

  • It will be more obvious how to send emails in a hub
  • Announcements will have subjects
  • Announcements will have formatting
  • Discussions functionality will not change

Below are some screen shots of the new feature changes.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback at all!