New: Monthly Newsletter for ECE Professionals

MemberHub ECE Newsletter

If you’re in the early childhood education field you probably know that there is an ever-increasing amount of networks and online sources for ECE professionals to get the latest news and resources. I’ve personally gotten to know quite a few experts in the ECE field and can recognize when there’s good content that needs to be shared. So we’ve decided to start a monthly newsletter geared specifically to helping Early Childhood Education professionals find that content.

Our new monthly ECE Newsletter from MemberHub will contain:

  • A link to our latest ECE related post on the MemberHub blog
  • A handful of links to recent “must-read” articles on the web
  • News or thoughts on one of our ECE customers
  • The latest news on our communication platform, MemberHub

You’re busy and finding the latest and best content on the web can be challenging. Hopefully this new newsletter will be of great value to you.

Our first newsletter will hit inboxes on Wednesday May 15th. It will feature content on parent communication and other interesting news.

We REALLY want your feedback…

PLEASE share your feedback on this new process. We really want this to be helpful. If it’s not it’s a waste of your time and ours. If you leave a comment I WILL READ IT. I hope you’ll consider sharing what kind of content you’d find helpful.