New and Improved Photo Uploader

We are very happy to announce that we have released a new photo uploader in MemberHub. As many of you know our older photo uploader was a source of frustration due to its dependence on Java. It was a huge pain in the neck for many of our customers and we thank you for your patience!

This new uploader is 100% javascript…which means that all you need to have is a current browser and you should be all set.

We completely rewrote the way photo uploading works and in the process we were able to improve performance as well. We estimate that uploading photos is now 50% faster!

Lastly, this new photo uploading will allow us to improve the iPhone app. So in the not too distant future the MemberHub iPhone app will allow you to upload photos right from your phone…which we know you’ll be excited about.

Share some photos in your MemberHub site today and let us know your feedback!