Organizations in MemberHub

Up to this point, the MemberHub team has been focused on creating tools to enhance communication and collaboration among groups. Religious organizations, schools, clubs, associations, groups and organizations of all types constantly hear from their members that communication can be improved. We aimed to address this dilemma with online hubs. Hubs are flexible and powerful and offer users an elegant solution to online discussions, announcements, calendar event sharing and file sharing. Hubs offer two-way communications; connecting organizations and members. Still, from MemberHub’s conception, we’ve planned for MemberHub to be a membership management tool as well. It’s the combination of group communications with membership management that makes MemberHub not only unique, but the total solution for organizations of various size and types. 

So now that organizations can use MemberHub to connect its members we’re building membership management functionality on top of the existing platform. Member-based organizations need to track members, reflect an accurate listing of members, print reports about members, collect membership dues and much more. And they want to be able to do all these things wherever there is a connection to the internet. Organizations that need this functionality will find the new organization features in MemberHub a very welcome addition. The same elegant and straight-forward interface that you’re used to in MemberHub is being expanded to give organizations an invigorating approach to membership management. 

The next post will provide screen shots from the new features and will give you a better idea of where the team is heading. To get started with organizations you can signup to learn more about the Early Adopters Program. Participants will be contacted by a MemberHub customer care representative and give them access to the new features. Best of all, if you decide to join the program before October 31, 2008 you will receive a 50% discount off the monthly subscription price for up to 14 months.